Stand Alone App Triggering

512 In, 512 out or 2x512 out. Stand Alone memory (512 out)

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Stand Alone App Triggering

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According to the DVC device comparison chart, the DVC Gold can be triggered via App/Api when being in Stand Alone mode. I just purchased a DVC Gold and got everything running so far. I have 3 scenes as stand alone cues on my DVC Gold and the network settings are set, so that the DVC Gold is available in my local network (network connection test worked fine with a few ms ping). My smartphone is on the same network and has the Easy Remote App installed (if I got it right, the Daslight Remote is for live triggering the Touch-Part of Daslight and the Easy Remote app is for the StandAlone triggering.
I disconnect the DVC Gold from Daslight5 and it automatically switches to stand alone mode (I can trigger the 3 scenes via the buttons). What's not working is the app. It just shows the "Tap to refresh" label and those two arrows (which most probably mean the same as the label on top).
Did I do something wrong? Did I miss a step?

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Re: Stand Alone App Triggering

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Daslight Remote is there to control Daslight5's Touch mode.
Easy Remote is there to control Daslight4's Show mode.

If you want to trigger your scenes in StandAlone, I believe you should look into Arcolis Remote.

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