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SUT Artnet Universe

Postby neverexit » Thu Apr 30, 2020 11:17 pm

Hi folks,

I just bought a Cameo Interface. Upon installation of the software I got an offer to buy an Artnet Universe for about 90 Euros. As my hardware has no artnet output I am wondering how this works.
I have 2 Artnet compatible fixtures with about 480 channels each (Stairville LED Matrix), would be great to have single pixel control.

Is it sufficient to buy the universe und connect both fixtures and the laptop (DVC4 is running on) via wifi router/Ethernet?

Some details would be great to understand the idea of this upgrade offer. Information provided by the webshop is a bit too small.

Thanks, Marcus

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Re: SUT Artnet Universe

Postby TomHat » Mon May 04, 2020 7:40 am


ArtNet universe are used over a network connection. By purchasing a new ArtNet unverse, you may output DMX to an ArtNet node over your local network. For this, you will need :
- Your DMX software started on your computer
- Your DMX interface connected to the computer
- Your computer and your ArtNet node connected to the same network

You should be able to find the ArtNet node in your software's available devices, in the preference window.

Hope this helps.

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