VST Live + Daslight 4

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VST Live + Daslight 4

Post by joybannerman »

Hi everybody,

is there anyone trying to marry VST-Live and Daslight as well?

I’m doing it through midi triggering - and it works.
Maybe someone can benefit from my experiences, or someone has any good advice for me. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

How I’m doing it: (short version)

Install LoopMidi and create a midi port
VL: Create a midi output in VST-Live and select the LoopMidi port
VL: Create a midi track in VL and assign the midi output
Daslight: select the LoopMidi port as Midi input
Daslight: select scene, right click, hotkey->midi mapping
VL: open midi track, play desired note
VL Draw in midinote, set velocity to 127 → works
it’s fun, but it all feels a bit unstable.
Unfortunately, Daslight often crashes during setup and playback. VL is now very stable (1.1.84) - Thanks to the team and the community for the great development.
I have not yet tested the control of faders from VL to DL, because it seems too complicated and confusing to me.

Why I don’t use the DMX in VL:
For me, just working with DMX faders is not an option, since I use some LED bars. In Daslight there are great matrix effects, which you can work very creatively with.
I understand that would be beyond the scope of VL.

It would be great if any of the possibilities were viable:
A) Effectgenerator in VL (similar to DL, but requieres fixtures)
B) stable and comfortable software interface for direct triggering VL->DL
C) Importing scenes from DL into VL

Is there anyone doing something similar, or has an even better idea to “spice up” their light show?