MIDI, Art-net, OSC

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Re: MIDI, Art-net, OSC

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I have a couple of quick questions on some of the points made if you would please be able to confirm some further information:

Regarding points:

1) What specifically do you mean by this? Is it to do with the colour feedback on the controllers LEDs? If so, perhaps you could share some further information on this.

5) Do you mean that you want to map a scene select function (the right hand side of a button), rather than only a scene play function?

7) I am a little unsure on what specifically you are referring to here. If you are referring to fixture Groups (from the Setup window) the 'All' Group is specifically designed to include all fixtures in the project however I will state that fixtures can be in multiple Groups at once, so perhaps it would be best if you created a dummy 'All' Group with only the fixtures that you want in there. (If I have misunderstood- please do let me know!) I am also unsure on what you are referring to with the part about "add the ability to send commands to OSC or MIDI along with DMX inside scenes"- would you please be able to clarify further about this?

Regarding the other suggestions- these have been noted and will be passed on to the development team to consider in future updates :)

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