Daslight Version 5.0.4 - Changelog

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Daslight Version 5.0.4 - Changelog

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Windows: https://eu-software.n-g.co/Release/Daslight5.exe
Mac: https://eu-software.n-g.co/Release/Daslight5.dmg

- Fixed a crash that occurred when importing patch
- Fixed an issue with extra colours in advanced colour dialog
- Fixed an issue with mappings on FX parameters, Pause scene, Feature On/Off, scene Playback
- Fixed an issue with dimmer on multi beam fixtures

New features and Improvements:
- Add Beat Grid display feature in Super Scene Timeline
- Add BPM Driving Mode in Super Scene
- Add option to disable loop of block content in Super Scene
- Add possibility to change the speed of block content in Super Scene
- Add media block waveform zoom
- Improved Stand Alone device management
- Improved USB device opening
- Increased limit number for colour Touch Ctrl
- Add feature to export FX Engine to steps scene
- Add feature to compress step list
- Add drag-drop feature to Stand Alone window
- Minor UI change