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Bug report & features requests

Post by Maciej »

Hello, I have been using Daslight 5 for quite a while and have done some work in it. I would like to report a few bugs that are either yet unfixed or of which I am not aware. Additionally, I have extensively used the super scene feature and would like to share my thoughts on the software. I am using Windows 10 or 11 on both PCs and laptops with Daslight

In previous versions of the software (like the initial releases after beta), I found a bug in the super scene editor. When a scene is moved from left to right, overlapping with another scene, it can "throw" the other scene very far away on the same track. It is one of those hard-to-reproduce issues, but on the version I am currently using (, it seems to be fixed. Please inform me if it was reported and fixed.

Another more severe bug I had the pleasure of finding was a sound malfunction. I work on a PC (Windows), and on my stage, there is a ThinkPad connected to an external USB sound card. Occasionally, the software may load the music incorrectly, and some random scenes will play without music. As you can guess, it can be quite an adventure. Usually, restarting the software fixes the issue, but it is unsettling to play scenes without music randomly. This issue occurs more often when I run Daslight just after (a few seconds) plugging devices into the PC. At least the lights work flawlessly. It would be awsome if you test that usecase.

There was also a bug where sometimes music desynchronized with lights, but it also seems to be fixed in the full release (I observed that in the late beta, around beta 7-9).

Things I miss in super scenes (treat that as sugesstions/feature requests)
The first thing is that I cannot use super scenes within super scenes. I don't know if there is a particular reason for that, but the only thing that should be blocked are recursive or circular dependencies.

The possibility of finding scenes used in super scenes (with some kind of highlight/list), scenes that are not used in super scenes, or in what super scenes a scene is used would be awesome too. It would easily improve overall quality of life and allow for some cleanup in larger projects.

For each scene, I can set Dimmer and Phasing. I don't know what they are used for, but for me, they are quite hard to use. The fact that by default they are expanded does not help in organizing larger super scenes. I always had to collapse them because they are usually useless. Also, in the past, in one of the updates, you changed them to be expanded by default, and I had to collapse them manually for each super scene. It would be nice if I can choose what kind of things I want in that menu or if I want it to be expaned by default (or be able to collape them all, not each "strip")

I also would like to have non-linear transitions, but that is a more complex feature. The collapsible menu earlier could be a good place to add that feature.