Previous Daslight version. Can manage up to 6 DMX universes depending on the hardware connected

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My school uses this system and somehow non of the teachers knows how to add new lights and so do I and my team. I have looked all over the internet for a video tutorial on how to use it. All the lights have been linked to the desktop on windows XP but I have no idea how to open a brand new tab starting from the setup page. If possible anyone knows how to edit while in the already setup page please guide me thru. I am not sure what the system my school has installed around the performing arts hall but hope some of y'all could help out.
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Re: VC2

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You might want to look into this kind of video.

DVC 2 and DVC3 being very similar, you might find it useful.

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Re: VC2

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Dirac (and Dirac Pro, a subset standardised as SMPTE VC-2) is an open and royalty-free video compression format, specification and software video codec developed by BBC Research & Development. Dirac aimed to provide high-quality video compression for Ultra HDTV and competed with existing formats such as H. 264little runmo
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