Daslight Forum: Enable HTTPS redirect

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Daslight Forum: Enable HTTPS redirect

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Hey all...

I program lightshows in my spare time. As my full-time job, i'm a programmer.
I really, REALLY beg you to configure your webserver to redirect HTTP (unencrypted) traffic to HTTPS (encrypted). If someone accesses http://forum.daslight.com, or even just forum.daslight.com, the login information will not be encrypted.
It's quite an easy fix and it helps to improve security by a lot... Currently, if you're logging in to this site in a public wifi without a VPN connection and using the standard forum.daslight.com page, you're putting your unencrypted password out there for everyone to see.
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Re: Daslight Forum: Enable HTTPS redirect

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Sorry for the late reply. I'm just letting you know that I have forwarded this to our web team on the 8th of July. We are taking this very seriously and will be fixing it asap.

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