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Tap Tempo

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:48 am
by mjws40
Hello everyone.

Is there a way to tap in a tempo manually in DVC1 ?

Many thanks.

Re: Tap Tempo

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:47 pm
by mjws40
Ok. So I've read the manual :oops:

On page 23 I found the following instructions:

Manual sound to light, manual audio BPM sync.
You can also trigger off your steps and scenes manually:
• In the Audio analysis tool, select Manual mode and choose BPM
speed (Min: 20 BPM; Max: 400 BPM).
• In Audio Analysis, select Learning mode. Click on the button seven
times to save BPM speed as a reference. Time between each step must
be the same.
• Close the Audio analysis tool and set your scene in BPM or BPM with
fade mode.
Press TAB key to manually go on to the next step.

The problem I now have is that I cannot find how to carry out either of the instructions in red.

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks.

Re: Tap Tempo

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:33 pm
by TomHat

In LIVE mode, right click on the scene and select Triggering->BPM->YourOption

See picture:
Sans titre.png
Sans titre.png (41.5 KiB) Viewed 14547 times

Hope this helps.