Advanced scene generator: missing channels

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Advanced scene generator: missing channels

Postby erweo » Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:05 pm

Hey, :)
I`m using DVC2 with two showtec compact par 7 tri fixtures
I created scenes with the advanced Fx generator before with a showtec compact par 7 tri in the simple 3dmx channel mode,
now i wanted to go further and try the 8dmx channel mode.

I set the fixtures to the 8channel mode, set up the 8channel multimode (MultiMode3) in DVC2 so i can control the fixtures with the faders in the software.
The mode works exactly like described in the manual so i guess i did everything right until now.

When i now open the Advanced Fx Generator i dont get all the 8 channels, i just get the Blue, Dimmer and Strobe.

Why ? :D

I added an attachment wth a screenshot so u can see :)

It would be really cool to be able to create Fx with more than just the rgb 3 channel mode :D
8channel problem.PNG
8channel problem.PNG (210.1 KiB) Viewed 3710 times

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