Problem dvc2 and win10

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Problem dvc2 and win10

Postby seek » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:18 pm


I use dvc2 eco(pink) last 5 years in my bar but before 1 month i buy new laptop with win 10 on it.
I downaload daslight 2 for win on daslight site but ''interface not detected''
On old laptop its work ok.

How to fix this?

Sry for my english :lol:

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Re: Problem dvc2 and win10

Postby Benno » Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:15 am

Hi seek,

The older DVC2 devices will only work on a 32 bit operating system. Is your new computer running 64? If so it won't be compatible I'm afraid.
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