Fixtures fades from "off" to light on each step.

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Fixtures fades from "off" to light on each step.

Postby Tigerdansken » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:25 am

- I use Daslight virtual controller 2, and have a issue that I can't seem to solve on my own.

In work on a nightclub and a responsible for programming lights ect. We have 12 different lamps/fixtures controlled by DVC2, and 10 of them works well. However, the last 2 doesn't.... All 12 lamps a programmed the same way, but the 2 "fades the light". The lamps are on just before the step changes, but are off as soon as a new step begins. So each step starts as "black" and fades into light, over and over again.

This is the same 2 lamps which I have experimented with using "scene generator". Maybe I have done something in there?

Please advise me how to solve this problem.

// Thanks, Jonas.

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