Daslight 2 gold problem with stairville mh-x50 led

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Daslight 2 gold problem with stairville mh-x50 led

Postby catamblin » Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:20 pm

Hello. I have a daslight 2 gold that work very fine but i have a problem with stairville mh x50 , that work great with a controller stairville master 2 but with daslight 2 it don't work. I select from meniu 16 ch but nothing. I can move , i can start light but mhx50 it's move with delay and haotic. I try many fixure libary, nothing. I use a dmx splitter stairville 4 , the same problem, doesn't work. It's different bit option? Excuse my english :D.

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