Daslight and MIDI

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Daslight and MIDI

Postby federexx » Fri May 09, 2014 10:10 am

Hello to all ! I'm new , and I 'm venturing beginning of the year with the lights for a tribute band . At first, I was all Arab , I have now learned the DMX , I tried some management software, lights, and in the end I 'm happy with the Daslight 2 , I've already done all the scenes and tested in various " outputs " live ( I tested , with good results, the BPM function always Daslight ), now my next step would be getting into the midi to sync even better games lights and music , then some kind soul could tell me briefly :
- I have a Edirol midi controller , as I connect to the pc ? with the usb- midi cable ? and the two interfaces (midi and Daslight ) must be connected to each other ?
- On Daslight you can give in "meal" a midi file ? without necessarily using the midi controller ?
- I tried to take a look at midi (as a link ) and I find it quite complicated ( with addresses abstruse ) , do not you? Advise you know some links where you can better understand the MIDI world?

Thanks to those who can give me a hand
Good day to all !


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