Daslight 4 Beta Release 1st March 2022

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Daslight 4 Beta Release 1st March 2022

Post by P-Low » Wed Mar 02, 2022 4:26 pm

We have a new Daslight 4 Beta release available. This has various bug / performance fixes which are detailed below.

You can download it from our website (links below - Daslight4 Beta 1st March 2022 : MAC & PC).
Mac: https://storage.googleapis.com/nicolaudie-eu-software/Release/Daslight4Beta.dmg
PC: https://storage.googleapis.com/nicolaudie-eu-software/Release/Daslight4Beta.exe

• DVC Gold and DVC GZM output assignments restored correctly after restart.
• Port Trigger assignments and device association restored correctly after restart.
• DVC Gold* and DVC GZM Stand Alone support added with new NSA system implement (support pages & calendar functions**).
• DVC Gold Silicone Buttons now mappable as live shortcuts.
• Show Mode device list updated
• New protocol for improved compatibility with new devices and future firmware.

*DVC GOLD requires SUT licence purchase for 'Clock' (calendar triggers) from the store.dmxsoft.com. 'SD Card' (pages) is included for free as default, but if it's missing, you need to resynchronise your device.
**DVC GZM and DVC GOLD require a CR2032 battery (not included) in order to maintain internal system clock for optimal use of Calendar Triggers when device is not powered.
-This new Beta will not support the previous MacOS 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan and 10.12 Sierra. 
-We will only offer support from 10.13 High Sierra onwards.
If you do not wish to upgrade to a newer MacOS, you can find links below for the last supported version of Daslight 4 (23rd April 2019).
Mac - https://storage.googleapis.com/nicolaud ... 3cf101.dmg
PC - https://storage.googleapis.com/nicolaud ... f0c831.exe
-If you have once of our new devices (DVC GZM, DVC Gold and DVC FUN), they will not be compatible with Daslight 4 release 23rd April 2019, you will need to update your MacOS and use the latest release of Daslight 4.
Daslight Technical Support