ArtNet and DASLIGHT with DVC4 GZM

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ArtNet and DASLIGHT with DVC4 GZM

Postby AlexFischer » Thu Dec 10, 2020 7:57 pm


I'm desperately trying to connect an Artnet converter to DASLIGHT. Following configuration:

Computer Network (Windows 10): (
DVC4 GZM: connected via LAN (not USB)

ArtNet Converter ist coming with IP address
So I'm adding / as an additional IP address to my computer where DASLIGHT is running.

Ping is successful to all devices, but as soon as the DMX converter is connected to the network, DASLIGHT doesn't connect anymore to DVC4 GZM. Both devices (DVC4 GZM and ArtNet Converter) are listed in the preferences, but you are not able to activate both).

ArtNet Converter is connected via little Cisco switch

When I connect the ArtNet Converter direct to the lan adapter of the windows PC (without switch), both devices (DVC4 GZM and ArtNet Converter) are accepted by DASLIGHT.

What am I doing wrong?

Appreciate every support and help.

Alex Fischer

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