Daslight 4 lag in blind mode

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Daslight 4 lag in blind mode

Postby Mjay » Wed Oct 14, 2020 8:23 pm

Hello! It's a pity I can't use blind mode editing, 'cause when I toggle it and switch from live or show to edit mode - dmx output starts lagging horribly - whole program lags, and I don't know why, feels like fps falling from 30 to 3. Sometimes it even shuts down. In live and show modes everything works fine. I have thinkpad x240 with i7-4600u, 8 Gb RAM and integrated intel graphics. And my small laptop is enougth powerfull for some video editing and graphics rendering, however it can't handle with blind mode in dvc4(( Can anybody explain, what is wrong? I did not find any evidence of similar troubles on this forum.

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