Complex Universe Setup - Will it work?

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Complex Universe Setup - Will it work?

Postby Astrodev » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:44 pm

Probably not the best question for my first post, but I am looking at quite a complex distributed DMX setup with up to 12 universes and ideally all running over ethernet to various node points, some of which then link on over wireless DMX, but that part is something I have already done before.

In order for this to work with Daslight4 the first question is do the DVC4 GZM's have to be connected via USB in order to enable the use of Artnet nodes or can this functionality still be used if they are connected over Ethernet, as this would make the whole scenario much simpler as it would in effect provide me with 2 groups of 3 universes giving me 1 hard wired and 2 wireless universes from each and then use 3 Chauvet DMX-AN's to run 2 universes from each all hard wired.

The benefit is that it allows me to run a single 1Gb ethernet connection from FOH to an 8 port POE switch on stage which would provide both data and power to all the stage side nodes, I have access to some POE adaptors that provide 5V out so the DVC4's could even be run off the POE.

It seems an elegant solution but before pulling everything together I just wanted to confirm that it should work.

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Re: Complex Universe Setup - Will it work?

Postby P-Low » Tue Aug 04, 2020 4:14 pm


I can confirm that you can successfully use the Art-Net feature through software when the DVC4 GZM is connected through ethernet

The DVC4 GZM does not need to be connected by USB for the Art-Net feature to work.

I can see our website text is confusing, but to clarify, the ethernet port does not output Art-Net from that port, but will allow the feature through the software when connected.

Our test configuration for this:
-DVC4 GZM on a network via ethernet port connection and an Art-Net node on the same network. You need to ensure you have added the 6 universes in the patch window, then you can manually add the Art-Net nodes and assign the universes to the DVC4 GZM.

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