Daslight 4 integration with VDMX

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Daslight 4 integration with VDMX

Postby masteredmix » Sat Jul 25, 2020 4:45 pm

Is anyone using Daslight to trigger video playout on VDMX? I am curious a) if it is possible, and b) what kind of gear or 3rd party software I need to make it happen.

The workflow I have in mind is this:

1) Easy Remote on iPad triggers Scene(s) by song to Daslight 4
2a) Daslight sends DMX messages on locally connected interface to control lights
2b) Daslight sends DMX or MIDI (or ?) to VDMX to queue video playback
3) VDMX output video on NDI interface which gets picked up by...
4) Vimeo Livestream Studio, where it is used with a chromakey for background replacement on live camera's

If you are doing something similar to this, would you mind sharing your setup?


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