Various bugs in Effects Generator

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Various bugs in Effects Generator

Postby BigchainEvents » Fri Feb 28, 2020 7:14 pm

In the Mac Version (latest update), i've been programming a show for 20 hours and i have several scenes for 3 types of fixtures already made.

Right now i'm stuck because when i create a new scene for the ADJ Megatripar Profile this happens:

1) With all 4 fixtures already selected, i create a step and move the dimmer fader to 255, everything ok.

2) I then create a second step and select fixtures 1 and 3 and move the dimmer fader to 255.

After step 2 if i go to the effects generator in the Curve effects, the sine wave animation is stopped (although the effect is not paused). I believe the effect is still generated but without preview makes creating effects impossible.

i don't know why after adding all the other scenes this happens but is indeed related to the selection of fixtures. I also experienced this in trying to relocate the fixture squares to rearrange them.

Additionally i found that Colors Effect 1 and 2 crash the software.

If anyone found something similar please share your experience. I would like to continue to work on this show (i'm almost finished so isn't a big deal for now)

Rant part:
I'm using extensively all the features of daslight 4 and i found other small things that are just annoying. I wonder if software developers actually program lights in their created software. I've been wasting lot's of time redoing work, i now have 24 saved shows (iterations) because i trust software will break.

If daslight needs a proper beta tester please let me know



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