Beta 2018-8-16 iOS bugs

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Beta 2018-8-16 iOS bugs

Postby Drmemory01 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:45 pm

Testing using iOS and Android platforms. Using the Beta 2017-08-16 residing in a Lenovo M900 mini core 7 PC hard wired to the LAN

Buttons and controls consistently do not load or load incorrectly when using EasyRemote and iOS devices
There are virtually no dropped graphics or buttons when using an Android pad (Nexus 9). At most I have had a one or two button loss every ten loads.
iOS devices NEVER load all buttons and will sometimes drop twenty or more controls.
These results are consistent regardless of the size of the project, number of scenes, number of pages or if any custom graphics are used.
This applies to both the Sunlight and Daslight4 platforms although is much less pronounced in Sunlight.
These results are the same on iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad pro.
The results are the same regardless of the type of PC used to host the EasyRemote and Daslight4 OS.

The following bugs have been addressed in the new Beta version:
EasyRemote Button colors, text and graphic now stay correct when the program is restarted
EasyRemote Custom graphics can be applied to the SSL2 derived graphics and will remain when the project is restarted on the host computer.
EasyRemote Page scaling now remains consistent when the project is restarted on the host computer.
Connections to other software (Madrix) and hardware (Elation eNode) now remain persistent when the project or computer is restarted.
Startup delays have been minimized.
Program crashes no longer force the previous project, rather than the current program to open when Dasight4 is restarted.

The following bugs have not been addressed:
iOS devices do not load EasyRemote projects correctly. (see above)
BPM from Music, BPM from Tap, Tap, BPM reset and BPM from MIDI do not work correctly from EasyRemote:
BPM From Music works from Show, Live and EasyRemote, but disappears or becomes BPM from MIDI in both Show and EasyRemote when the project is restarted on the host computer;
BPM from MIDI, BPM From Tap and BPM Reset do not work from EasyRemote or the Show page at any point in the process; When BPM From Tap is selected from the Live page, not EasyRemote, Tap DOES work on EasyRemote.
All BPM functions work correctly from the Live page.
Faulted SSL2 commands still cause the entire program to crash when selected from any control in the program, pallete, scene or Easy Remote. For example 'Martin MH5 Profile color wheel 2 rotate counter clockwise' will shut down the program if selected from the pallete, but will not affect the program if the same value is selected from the sliders. Corrections to the faulted SSL2 file will clear the error, but exchanging the device in the patch causes the loss of all programming associated with the device.

Not tested:
Multiple instances of Daslight on different PC’s but on the same network will interfere with each other causing sliders in one room to operate lights in another even if they are operating devices on different universes and have different LAN addresses.

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