iOS bugs

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iOS bugs

Postby Drmemory01 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:17 pm

We have discovered these bugs on all tested iOs devices:
Buttons feedback sometimes flips with a scene operating but the iOs button indicating off. Same with multiple scenes from the same group. Scene buttons from a group are set as Play/Stop. This requires re-selecting the scene which will stop it if running or running the scene if stopped.
Buttons disappear on reloads of the project, or relocate to a corner of the page. This happens no mater how small the file is. This problem is worse when one or more buttons (not the missing or relocated buttons, but ANY button in the entire project) have incorrectly scaled custom text on them
Buttons without a bitmap (jpeg?, png?) will not scale custom text.
The first page of any EasyRemote file will not save the dimensions and defaults to "Custom" 1920x1080 and scale 2 and reverts to the name Page 1, even if all other pages are set to the correct ratio and resolution of the device.
Palette controls transferred to the EasyRemote screen will not accept any new bitmap (jpeg?, png?) and always default back to the preset default image, even if it is incorrect (ie displaying the wrong gobo patern even if it is correct in the palette, or distorting a 1x1 image into a 2x1 shape).
Color wheel palette tool text locates at the bottom of the tool overwriting any button placed below the wheel for at least one quadrant.
Button colors only follow the scene color even if configured with a new color.
Pulse from tap can be added to EasyRemote but pulse from Audio reverts to blank or Midi after program reload.
All of these issues have occured on iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad 3/4. Nexus 9 has none of these issues, but our client only uses iOs devices.
Hopefully these issues can be addressed before the next release.

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Re: iOS bugs

Postby Drmemory01 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:25 pm

Follow up. There has been a recent "update" to the Android app and now these problems are occuring on Android devices as well.
Is there a specific graphic type that needs to be used for buttons? Png, jpeg, bmp?

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Re: iOS bugs

Postby TomHat » Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:08 pm


I have passed your report on to EasyRemote developpers. They'll handle it from there and shall release a fix as soon as possible.
Thanks for reporting and sorry you experienced those problems using our app.

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