EasyRemote2 issues

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EasyRemote2 issues

Postby nobby99 » Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:37 pm

From my new experience a few words and requests re DVC4 and EasyRemote2.

In principle the new version with DVC4 solves many of the problems of the previous generation. However, there is still room for improvement – in addition to what I had communicated earlier, and particularly for the Show mode:

1. When I mark multiple scenes I can change all relevant characteristics of the selected scenes except the position. For changing the position I need to go through every single scene. A waste of time.
2. I think most people will use the center position – why not make it the default?
3. There is enough room for multiple lines in the buttons
4. The option for a text field is missing to ease navigation, e.g. for explicit fixture names. Then I would use short forms in the action buttons.
5. Some crashes, but frequent crashes when I make changes in the faders while I am connected to my iPad.
6. It appears that exiting DVC4 in the Show mode causes crashes when restarting (files sent to support).


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