DPAD Gold Connection Problem

Wall mounted touch sensitive DMX controllers. DPAD 128, DPAD 512, DPAD GOLD

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DPAD Gold Connection Problem

Postby Timeeey » Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:11 pm


I bought a DPAD Gold but I can not connect it to the DVC3 Software.

When I plug it in via USB, my pc tells me the interface is detected.

The hardware manager works fine and I already upgraded to the latest firmware.

When I start the software brought on CD it says that the hardware firmware is too recent and tells me to upgrade the software firmware.

So I downloaded the latest DVC3 from the website but still no connection, neither via USB nor via ethernet.

I also tried different PCs, different cables and different software (like ESA2, ESA2 Beta, DVC3 Beta, ESA Pro).

What shall I do?

Thanks for help

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