DMX addressing with daslight

The top of the range Daslight product, with miniSD memory and 3 DMX universes

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DMX addressing with daslight

Postby matthieu » Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:22 am


i have a question regarding dmx addressing hardware and daslight software:

I want to order 1meter dmx led tubes, 6 pixel, 48 leds,
the output of the light is 1 power cable and 1 dmx cable on each side. all built in.

I want to create a lightshow with 25 lights all linked to each other via these cables.
The fixtures don't have a dipswitch addressing panel, and no screen for dmx channels.

How do i set every tube to the channels i need ? for example light1= 1-18, light2 = 19-36 and so on...
Can the daslight 4 software do this ? or do i need extra hardware for addressing ?

thank you !

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