DJ Project. Best way to create a good show

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DJ Project. Best way to create a good show

Postby suizi » Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:09 pm

I'm a beginners DJ, and I also do a lot with lights.
So I was wondering if any of you could give me some tips to create a light show, that is easy to control.

I often use:
3 Elation Platinum Spot 5r
2 ADJ Vizy Beam 5r
2 Blinder
and 1 Strobo

For me it's clear that I create "one Click"- Scenes in an extra group for the blinder, hazer and and the strobo.

But then I have the problem with my Moving Heads.
Should I:
create a group for each type of MH and create scenes with movements, white steady white light and different speed settings
and then use live effects to change color, shutter, frost, etc.
If so, is it wise to create that effect for both types of MH's or should I create individual ones.


should I:
create scenes for every type of fixture with everything included and then input special values like speed etc. manually.

I haven't found my ideal solution, so please help me and give me some tips to enhance my live light performance.
greets suizi

PS: by the way, I have the DVC3 512 Interface and I use the bcf2000 for live control
greetz Suizi

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