DVC4 Gold on Mac and Windows???

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DVC4 Gold on Mac and Windows???

Postby Starlight Studios » Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:40 pm

So I have a DVC4Gold that we bought for use with Daslight on MAC. I'm curious if I later need to run Sunlite or any of the other Nicolaudie software packages if this hardware will work on the windows platform? There are so many random versions of the software and hardware under different labels that it's hard to know with any certainty since they don't cross reference other product names by the same company. I read some of the previous threads and some people were asking about DVC2 and such. So this is specifically about DVC4 Gold and possibly even GZM if I decide to add one of those to our inventory. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: DVC4 Gold on Mac and Windows???

Postby TomHat » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:19 pm


Your DVC4 Gold (or GZM) will work fine on Windows (PC). The compatibility matter is more about what software you can use with them, and if THEY work on Windows and/or Mac.

So to answer your question :
Yes, DVC4 Gold and GZM work on both Windows and MacOS systems, no matter what you initially wanted to use it with.

- DVC GZM is compatible with DVC2 (Windows), DVC3 (Windows) and Daslight4 (Windows + MacOs);
- DVC4 Gold is compatible with DVC3 (Windows) and Daslight4 (Windows + MacOs).

But I would really advise you to use the latest one (Daslight4).

If you someday want to use sunlite softwares, you will need to purchase a new interface (one programmed for Sunlite softwares).

Hope this helps.

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