Sequences/Programms of scenes

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Sequences/Programms of scenes

Postby FredGr » Mon May 04, 2020 9:21 am

i'm a new french amateur of daslight 4 for progamming and playing DJ purpose. Lyres, Scan, Par, laser, and others (Stingers, strob, Uv, led bar, ...)

I use the show mode for playing my show. For exemple i have a "general" zone and one zone for each group of fixtures (containing scenes). In the "general" zone i have some buttons wich combine some scenes of each group of fixture.
- for example :
button "disco" = Mutlicolor chase Pars + Multicolor Lyres random movement + ....
button 'techno" = Laser green/blue + Uv bar + withe strob horizontal scan + strob lyres bleu

I woul like to chain automaticly/sequence the button disco (1 minutes for exemple) and the button techno (1 minutes for exemple) . It's like to sequence my live button automaticly without to have to press each button when it's necessary.

I think it's not possible with the software. No?
If i map a midi controler (one pad for one button) do you know some midi controleur wich could sequence the show (progamming sequence of buttons/pad with the possibility to adjust the time?)

Some others possibility to squence scene automaticly with timer?

thanks a lot

Posts: 2
Joined: Mon May 04, 2020 9:05 am
Operating System: Windows

Re: Sequences/Programms of scenes

Postby FredGr » Mon May 25, 2020 7:17 am

Hi... i think i have a solution with the "jump" fonction, but it seems to be very complex.

for example...
One New scene wich jumps to the scenes wich are corresponding to disco configuration : these scenes are the same scenes than the basic scenes (always loop) except one (duplication) wich has number of loops to make that it is 5 minutes long. This duplicated scene (one amongst the other) jumps to a second new scene
this second new scene jumps to the scenes corresponding to techno configuration : I can duplicate one of the scene of the techno configuration into this set to loop for 8 minutes....I can also, if i want, return to the first new scene and chain disco by jumping these duplicate scene to the first new scene....

so i have to create new "jump" scenes and duplicate only one of the scenes of a each configuration

Are you OK?

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