Problem when saving and importing a show

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Problem when saving and importing a show

Postby Anwy » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:11 am

Got 2 little problems and I can't find any information about, hope someone here can help:

1. Saving: Got a problem when working with big shows/files. It causes long loading and saving times and often a lot of crashes. So I'm trying to keep the files as small as possible. When creating a new show and saving it for the first time, everything is ok. Let's say the file is about 7Mb. When closing this file, opening it again (and do some minor changes or even do NO changes) and then saving it again without any further changes the filesize doubles to about 14Mb, absolut no changes to the show itself but double the filesize!! What is happening here?? Is that a backup of itself within the file?? Can that be prevented?

With this behaviour a show that is normally about 40 Mb (which is no problem to handle for my PC) the showfile blows up to about 80Mb when I'm reopening it and do some minor changes and save the file again. And this new filesize makes it nearly unusable for me. Any ideas?

2. Importing: I import a show for example with five scenes where every scene jumps to the next at the end of the scene in the original show. After importing this show into a new show this "jump-to-the-next-scene-information" gets lost in the new show and has to be re-programmed. Is there a way to prevent this information-loss and import the show "as is"?

Thanks for your help. For your info: I got the latest Software (23/04/2019) installed. The problems were the same with the previous versions.

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Re: Problem when saving and importing a show

Postby TomHat » Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:13 pm


Thank you for reporting and sorry you had to experience these problems. Could you please send us the showfiles you're working with, for test purpose ?

You can send them to (add the link to this topic in the email, so it's easier to link the files to your issue)

Thanks in advance.

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