artnet + madrix questions

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artnet + madrix questions

Postby Tummy » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:19 am


Before i used DVC 3 in a (big) fixed installation.
It did crashes, got bugs etc..

the place recently caught fire so we do everything new here.
Now i want to try DVC4 with artnet output, because maybe the micro usb connection was the problem in this (?).

I want to instal the artnet function here,

I want to Use the DMX to control the lights (by artnet node (which one you recommand? the showtec artnode is fine.. if yes which one for auto detect?).

And i want to use another computer in the network with Madrix installed to trigger Madrix playbacks to control a led installation and trigger it by artnet input. (because when i use the same computer, i need to make a loop of the artnet input/output.. and i dont know how to do this.)

What do i need to make this works and how do i set this up? and how do i set this up correctly with DVC..
I dont need the dmx output on the dongle because the artnet node is at the same place with other technical equipment and network cables are allready there.

Can someone explain me this? i got a few days before opening to set this all up.

thank you :D

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