DCV4 Gold Art-Net Function

512 In, 512 out or 2x512 out. Stand Alone memory (512 out)

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DCV4 Gold Art-Net Function

Postby mariopont » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:13 pm

I have a DVC4 GOLD.
Is the art-net function unlocked?
I would like to add other universes, for example. by connecting an ELC Buddy (two universes). In the settings screen Daslight sees the buddy but I can't get it to work ...
Can anyone help me?
Thank you!

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Re: DCV4 Gold Art-Net Function

Postby P-Low » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:02 pm


The DVC4 Gold does not have Art-Net.

The only product with Art-Net out of the box is the DVC4 Gold ZM.

You would be able to see the Art-Net node in Daslight, however you would need an Art-Net licence to allow access to it.

To purchase a licence you would need a Nicolaudie SUT device to synchronise with the purchase at https://store.dmxsoft.com/

Unfortunately the DVC4 Gold is not a SUT device. The DVC FUN is a SUT device however, as is the Sushi-DS.

If you wanted to upgrade your DVC4 Gold to a DVC4 Gold ZM or a DVC FUN, please contact our support team for more information on this. https://store.daslight.com/contact

Alternatively if you wish to purchase a Sushi-DS and Art-Net licence, please visit: https://www.dmxsoft.com/

Kind Regards
Daslight Technical Support

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