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daslight in theatre

Postby gfg » Thu Mar 07, 2019 4:47 pm

I recently bought daslight 4 (dvc4 gold) for our school where I manage the theatre group. Now I need some advice which will be the smartest way for us to use the software.
Our equipment:
- several dimmer channels (theatre spots + PAR 64)
- several RGB devices
- several moving heads

Our questions:
1. I'm not quite sure yet how to organize the scenes and groups. As I read it might be a good idea to put all dimmer channels into one group, all RGB devices into the next and so on. So I am able to combine the different devices easily. The problem seems to be that this creates very very much scenes which might be hard to handle. So for us it propably might be easier to program all devices within one scene. What do you think?
2. For theatre purposes we mostely have to change scenes manually e.g. at a certain sentence in the play. I found how I can change to the next scene easily. But as we need a lot of scenes the screen will get quite confusing then. So I am looking for a way to change manually from one cue within a scene to the next (e.g. by keyboard or a button on the show panel). So I could organize all cues for e.g. one theatre scene within one daslight scene. Is there any possibility?
3. In order to have a clearly structured surface for running the show I would like to design my own show panel. I already found out how to run the show forward and backward by buttons on the show panel. But it would be very useful to know at which point of the show (group/scene/cue) you are actually at the moment. Is it possible to display this somehow on the show panel?

Thank you very much for your help!

Greetings from Germany!

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