Using Effect Generator in Live

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Using Effect Generator in Live

Postby Gregory_D » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:42 pm

I really often use Effect Generator in Live mode for all cases where i didn't created a scene in advance. But i have difficulties to use it if i want to do other things when the effect is running in live.
Not sure i have the best method, i'm looking for something better, here it is how i'm doing actually :

In Live mode for some reasons i want to add an effect (or multiple) i didn't plan before in my scenes.
So i select my fixture family under the correct fixture tab (at the bottom of the screen) and select all fixtures i want to in the plan view (or with group).
I select the effect (or multiple effects) and set settings to them. I do not generate it (because i don't want to create a new scene, just want to see an effect just running in live).
So the effect (or effects) is playing correctly on all fixtures i want during my live. I still can select/deselect other scenes if i want.

BUT now, if i go to another fixture family (another fixture tab), the effect that was correctly playing is stopped and no longer displayed in live. If i come back to the right fixture tab, it will play again, until i remove all effect i created or deselect my fixture on the plan.
The only workaround i found is to do the same procedure, but only under General tab of fixture, without selecting a fixture family tab. In this way, i can generate multiple effects, on multiple fixtures i want, and while doing other things if i want on other fixture.

But it's not practical at all, because in general tab we do not have all things from Palette view, and not same Fader view. In addition, effects settings are not dedicated to the fixture channels but general.

So i tested to do the same, but clicking "Generate" to generate in live the scene, but the created scene is put under a random group of scenes (generally the last group of scenes used in Edit mode), which is not practical too, and we can't be sure to run this new created scene without stop playing other scene from the same group of scene...

So only 2 solutions would be :
- to being able to play Effects without generating them, under a specific fixture family tab, but still playing even if we change of fixture family tab, until we remove all effects.
- to being able to choose where the created scene will be put, in wich group of scenes, if i generate the effect (with or without live levels)

Those 2 solutions are not possible for now.

Pretty complicated explanations but simple problem i can assure you.
Anyone, and/or DS team can give me the best method to use effect generator in Live ?

Just tell me if i'm not clear in English, i can explain you in French

Thank you for your help.
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Cheers from France...

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