Daslight doesn't output any DMX signal

512 in and 512 out

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Daslight doesn't output any DMX signal

Postby alo » Fri May 12, 2017 12:50 am

Hi, I've got a DVC3 512 SIUDI9B, I installed the Mac version of Daslight and it detected it in HardwareManager successfully. I was able to update the firmware and all. I ran Daslight 4 (Tried using both the official and the beta version) and tried to make some scenes but my par doesn't respond, it detects in the HardwareManager, and it my light responds when I use the Dmx Out feature in the HardwareManager. I'm quite new to Daslight so excuse me if there's a button I need to click to select the which controller to output from. I already patched the par in Universe 1 so I think that shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks :)

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Re: Daslight doesn't output any DMX signal

Postby TomHat » Mon May 15, 2017 7:00 am


Thanks for purchasing our product. The DVC3 512 doesn't work with Daslight 4. It'll only work with DVC3 and DVC2. If however you really want to use Daslight 4, I'd recommend to "upgrade" your interface for a DVC4 product through our website.
(see Upgrade section https://www.daslight.com/upgrade.htm)

It'll be asked that you return your product in exchange for a big discount on the price of the new one.

Hope this helps.

Daslight Support

Mail : france@daslight.com
Phone (French) : +33 (0) 616 427 588
Phone (English) : +44 (0) 7 481 811 500

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