general question on dmx universes.

512 in and 512 out

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general question on dmx universes.

Postby mikey9206 » Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:47 am

Just a quick general lighting question linked to daslight.

Ive heard a lot about DMX512 universes and most of it makes sense. DVC2 512 says it can hold up to 6 universes. how exactly would you connect this up? i.e. would you need 6 boxes connected to 6 USB ports? then how would daslight know through which port universe 1,2,3,4,5,6 are? seems a bit far fetched. or is it something a whole lot simpler and im getting the wrong end of the stick?


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I would expect...

Postby vclighting » Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:09 am

I have not used more than 1 universe, but I would say yes - each device will need its own USB. Then, from the tools/interface menu you can edit whic DVC will be connected to which universe. As I said, though, I have not had the chance to actually try a different universe...

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Postby Andre » Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:08 am

That is exactly how it works, from the interface menu you select what universes are on what interface. The software remembers which is what because each interface has a unique number, so it does not matter which interface windows picks up first.

The DVC2 Gold has upto 2 universes (1024 channels) built into the one interface and the DVC2 Gold ZM has 1536 channels but do not know how you get 3 universes out of it when it only has 2 XLR sockets.

The interface (Hardware Explorer) panel for my DVC2 Gold can be seen below in the 2 screenshots.
Above shows it defined as output and input. 1 universe out and one universe in.

Above shows it as 2 x output. 2 universes out.

I think because of the limitations of USB and windows is why it was a max of 6 universes, now we have the IP version DVC2 software has upto 20 universes.

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Postby mikey9206 » Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:11 pm

i see, thanks!

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Re: general question on dmx universes.

Postby ClaireEllison » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:31 pm

There are at least 2 Scientific tests running now that are trying to prove or disprove the Multiverse. There are at least four types of different or "parallel universal theories" and they are:

Level 1: Regions Beyond our Cosmic Horizon
Features: Same laws of Physics, different initial conditions.
Assumptions: Infinite space, ergodic matter distribution
Evidence: Microwave background measurements point to a flat, infinite space, with large-scale smoothness.
This is the simplest mode.

These are ones, that because the Universe is endless, there are out "islands" of matter (like a different universe almost), so far away that we can never, ever see them from our Universe. They still technically exist "in" our universe, but for all intentions, they are so far away, they may as well be another universe. If this is correct, there are an infinite number of these other island universes in ours and because of that, the odds are near 100% that you exist out there on another Earth. Because their laws of nature are the same as ours, this almost must occur at some time.

Level 2: Other Post-Inflation Bubbles
Features: Same fundamental equations of physics, but perhaps different constants, particles and dimensionality.
Assumption: Chaotic inflation occurred.
Evidence: Inflation theory explains flat space (our universe appears FLAT), scale-invariant fluctuations, solves horizon problem and monopole problems and can naturally explain such bubbles.
Explains fine-tuned parameters.

These universes exist side-by-side with our own Bubble (balloon like) universe. We can never see them and may never be able to detect them, at least not now.

Level 3: The Many Worlds of Quantum Physics
Features: Same fundamental equations of physics, but perhaps different constants, particles and dimensionality. (Same as a Level 2)
Assumption: Physics Unitary
Evidence: Experimental support for unitary physics. link /CFT correspondence suggests that even quantum gravity is unitary. Dechonerence experimentally verified. Mathematically, this is the simplest model.

This means that any universe you can conceive of exists, somewhere/some-when. One where your President, died at birth, became a Teacher, serial killer, journalist, etc.

Level 4: Other mathematical Structures.
Features: Different fundamental equations of physics.
Assumption: Mathematical existence = physical existence.
Evidence: Unreasonable effectiveness of math in physics. Answer Wheeler/Hawking question "why theses equations, not others?"

In this universe the properties of nature are different or may not even exist in some universes!

Personally, I recommend going to YouTube and searching for "parallel universes, michio kaku, multiverse and brane theory." Best of luck.

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