VM116 Software?

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VM116 Software?

Postby amyacker » Thu Sep 19, 2019 1:32 pm


I`m a newbie and not sure if its the right place to ask.
VM116, System is running Windows XP on a Shuttle AG35pro with dual-core duo processors, 500G hard disc, 2 G RAM and a Geforce 8800GT Alpha Dog video card with 512mB RAM. The VM116 was recognized by XP as a Human Interface Device and installed using XP’s own drivers automatically on the first connection. The test software supplied by Velleman and the light player software both work correctly, but the Daslight software and ios app does not see the drivers at all. What has changed? Any ideas anybody?

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Re: VM116 Software?

Postby P-Low » Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:50 pm


Daslight 4 either needs DVC FUN, DVC4 Gold, DVC4 GZM, DVC3 GZM, or a Nicolaudie SUT device with Daslight 4 licence applied in order for it to be recognised.

Alternatively, if the VM116 has Art-Net, then this can be used with Daslight 4, but you will need a Nicolaudie SUT device with an Art-Net licence attached to the computer to act as a licence key dongle in order to enable the Art-Net connection.

Currently i do not think the VM116 has Art-Net so this could be why it is not recognised.

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