Maybe Omnisistem Sl-1080/EA-6080

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Maybe Omnisistem Sl-1080/EA-6080

Postby jugendkulturhot » Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:08 am

Hey there!
I got some LED bars for free... Problem is that I do not really know what the brand is, or which channel does what. From my research on the Internet I got that it might be the omnisistem SL-1080/EA-6080... Yet there is nothing like that lamp in the scan library, nor can I find a manual anywhere on the Internet. The bar has 8 Lamps and on the first channel it first goes into a color and then quickly changes into some changing modes, the second channel is the speed of movement... all the following channels seem to do nothing, but if it's the lamp I think it's supposed to have 29 channels... Can anybody help me in any way?

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