Win XP doesn't detect my DV1 Gold device

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Win XP doesn't detect my DV1 Gold device

Postby puudutus » Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:13 am

The problem exists with 2 laptops I have (other with xp and other with vista). Works fine on my desktop pc. The device is detected only 5% of the time (almost never). XP just says "Problem with USB device". I have tried installing the driver manually. Could this be a power issue with the usb ports? Would an external power supply help?

I'm planning to upgrade to DV2 Gold later this year.. but really need to get DV1 working for the time being.

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Postby Andre » Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:09 pm

It could be a power problem with the USB ports, but I have never had any problem with any of my Daslight Interfaces on any of my laptops.

It could be the USB cable, ensure you have a cable that has all wires 1 to 1 and has the earth wire. There was some DVC shipped with a dodgy USB cable a good while back and was mentioned on the forum before it got clesared because of spam. If I am right in remebering that if it was shipped with a white USB cable then you needed to change it.

You should always install the drivers before you connect the Interface other wise it will not install properly. Well that is what I have always done and I am sure it mentions it somewhere.

If you are going to get DVC2 you need to make sure you USB ports are USB 2.0 for it work properly.

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