Interface turns demo after a while

The new upgradable interface. Ships with 128 channels and can be upgraded to 512 channels, FULL mode and other software via

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Interface turns demo after a while

Postby cobalt2 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:47 am


this is a very big issue cause it happens randomly, sometimes in the middle of a show.

I run the app, everything starts smoothly, I test my set up... everything works.

The interface is recognized and the popup window tells me I still have more than a hundred days validity, even thought I am offline (always the case on a gig).

After a while (and not systematicly - just sometimes) another popup appears saying that the interface will run on demo mode and that no DMX will be sent anymore.

Panic on board ! Especialy when I have 14 artists on stage and 900 persons in the crowd watching.

I have to restart the computer (sometimes several times) for the whole thing to agree to work again. Meanwhile, on stage its a christmas tree as the fixtures all went automatic and blinking because of the loss of the DMX signal.

that sh...t cannot happen !!
Please change the firmware so it doe not check license validity while a show is oppened and running !

I am more than aware and understanding on the fact that you need to protect your app from piracy. But If it turns on people like me who actualy have a license and not on those who cracked it, its a serious mater.

Please do something, or I will lose faith in the app, and it would be a shame to change it , cause I like it very much and dont want to change for something else.

Thank you

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Re: Interface turns demo after a while

Postby Benno » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:04 pm

Hi cobalt2,

Really sorry to hear you're having problem using your device with the software. This is an unusual as I've not had similar reports from other customers.

Can I check are you are using the latest Aug Beta version of Daslight 4 (links below)?

Are you able to PM me the serial number of your device so I can check the information on the system. Also if possible could you take a screenshot of the popup window when the software enters demo mode?

Lastly can you check that the USB port on the interface is secure and not loosing connection?

Kind regards
Product Support

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Re: Interface turns demo after a while

Postby cobalt2 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:09 pm


thanks a lot for your answer

I sent the exact same message to the french support the same day I posted on this forum

They answered, advising me to check the USB port on my computer as well as on the device... and the cable.
The app checks the validity of the license at each usb connection. So if there are micro "cuts" in the connection, It can end up jamming the all thing.

And I must say that I find the USB port on the interface paticularly loose... as in "not tight" :)

I will change the cable to see if it does the tric by "gripping" its socket more efficiently...

I buy one tomorrow and let you know if the glitch comes back !

Thanks for your help.

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