DVC FUN Show & Standalone Mode

The new upgradable interface. Ships with 128 channels and can be upgraded to 512 channels, FULL mode and other software via DmxSoft.com

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DVC FUN Show & Standalone Mode

Postby mmajdecki » Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:16 pm

Looking to purchase DVC FUN.

Do I need multiple upgrades to Standalone and Daslight4 Full mode to be able to run normally in Daslight4 Show Mode and Standalone through only DVCFUN?

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Re: DVC FUN Show & Standalone Mode

Postby Benno » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:53 pm

Hi mmajdecki,

Not sure I understand your question fully however I'll explain the DVC FUN / Upgrades options.

Out of the box the DVC FUN comes with 128 channels live (with Daslight 4 software) & 128 Stand Alone (when device is used without software running). If you need any extra channels (live or Stand Alone) these can be purchased store.dmxsoft.com once you have your device.

The device comes with the EXPRESS version of Daslight 4 software which is limited to 32 steps per Scene and a maximum of 4 Scene playing simultaneously. You purchase the FULL version of Daslight 4 on the dmx store to remove these restrictions.

You do not need to upgrade to use the Stand Alone function or Show Mode (including using the Easy Remote App) as these are included with both the EXPRESS and FULL versions of Daslight 4.

Hope that helps.
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