Daslight crashing on Win10

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Daslight crashing on Win10

Postby Andy93 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 11:43 pm

i bought the Daslight DVC4 G ZM and i have the problem, that the software on my Win10 maschine is crashing.

I found out that it is only crashing when I have all my 3 LED light bars patched.
If I only patch one of them it is working fine, when I move the DMX faders, but if I patched all three one movement of the fader (e.g. the dimmer) and Daslight crashes (mostly while creating effects with the effect generator - and adjusting dmx levels while in the effect generator). It happend both with the interface powered and unplugged.

Are there any incompatible programs on win10 or is there a error logfile?
I think once there was a popup to send you the error message but on most crashes it doesnt open.

The light bars are 3x"Eurolite led pix-12 hcl" in 74 chanel mode.

I hope you can help me fix this problem.

p.s. I use the up to date beta version and also tried the old one - with the same result.

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