Integration of effects to a scene afterwards

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Integration of effects to a scene afterwards

Postby orbion » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:54 pm

Dear DasLight users,

we use DasLight to support the drumming scenes in out music show.
Here you can find an example:

I guess our approach using DasLight is a little bit different compared to e.g. a DJ.
We have a person that pushes the down button on the keyboard triggered by the beat.
The reason for that is, that we cannot let the lights run automatically because the beat is always different.

However, that works perfectly so far!
Now we have bought some moving heads to make our light show more interesting.
The problem with the moving heads is the programming of effects in an existing program... when I add a new effect there are several options, but I cannot adapt in into the existing program. When I choose "new scene" the software creates the steps additionaly. When I choose "to actual scene" it does not make sense because we trigger the scenes manually and the user will not wait at one step until it's over.
What I want to do is: select several steps and add an effect to (only) them where only the moving heads are affected. The rest of the light setup must stay as it is.

I hope I could explain my need and someone has an idea how to proceed :)
Otherwise I have to program the complete software again...

Thanks in advance and best regards

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