Issues with Compression and group intensities

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Issues with Compression and group intensities

Postby » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:15 am

Hi there, been using DAS light for few years and never had a issue until now. First one is the compression. Client wanted shows to run for a duration and because the software does not support a cue list (unless someone can correct me) we have to create a single program with multiple scenes which change after say 30 secs. The issue I have is that for a 4 min show it creates around 4000 steps and the compression does absolutely nothing. These long programs completely slow down the programme and stalls it now. The steps have moving heads that are doing macros so I get that multiple steps are needed, but surely whacking the compression up should sort this??! No other software has this issue.

Second issue is intensities. I wanted a few sliders to allow for intensity control on fixture groups. I have seen three issues so far. On RGB fittings It can't alter overall intensity like the master fader but instead acts as an override for that particular channel which then affects the colour and on 6ch dimmers you assign the first channel yet when you move the new fader ALL channels move. And then lastly these affects only seem to be for the current scene playing. Soon as you click on a new one it resets. I am guessing it is set to LTP however I cannot see anyway of modifying this or setting other group preferences. Again other software allows for grouping and seperate intensity controls, no matter the type.

Look forward to any help here guys!

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Re: Issues with Compression and group intensities

Postby TomHat » Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:29 pm


I'm afraid compression can only do so much and some effects just contain too different values from one step to another and can't be compressed very well.

About your other issue (intensity) which dimmer are you using ? RGB lights do not contain any dimmer channel, so all you can do is use a "virtual dimmer" that'll help simulating a dimmer on your color. If you edit it in EDIT mode, it'll save a dimmed version of your color. If you edit it in LIVE mode, it'll save a dimmed LTP version of your color.
You can also use the LIVE scene dimmer, that'll compute in real time a dimmed version of all colors shown in a scene wheile it's being played.
And finally, you have the Master Dimmer that'll do the same thing for all values in your show.

Hope this helps.

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