Daslight 4 Hue Curve Effect Bug

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Daslight 4 Hue Curve Effect Bug

Postby futterneid » Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:53 am

Hey there,

with google or the forum search function I dindn't find anything similar so let's hope this isn't a real bug.
I'm using the 02/08/18 release of Daslight 4. As far as i can see this is a software problem.

When creating a curve effect, i tried to use the 'all - hue' option to fade randomly between colours. While editing the effect, it works just fine but when generating the steps, just a single step is created with a fade time of 0:04 and a wait time of 4:56.
This step contains no effect, all selected fixtures remain dark.
This behaviour occurs with all kinds of LED fixtures. I noticed, this also doesn't work with "all - saturation" or "all - brightness"
The Compressio is set to low.



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Re: Daslight 4 Hue Curve Effect Bug

Postby TomHat » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:34 pm


futterneid wrote:i tried to use the 'all - hue' option to fade randomly between colours

I'm not sure I understand correctly what you're trying to do here. The "HUE" sine effect will affect the color that has been set on the fixture. You cannot use only this "HUE" sine effect.

So here is my question : Where do the colors come from while you test the effect in the generator ?
- Other effect ?
- Other scene running ?
- Static color set in the editor ?

The same goes for "all - saturation" and "all - brightness" effects.

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