Which CPU needs daslight 4 to run stable?

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Which CPU needs daslight 4 to run stable?

Postby Kabelwoman » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:59 am

My old Samsung is 10 jears and it's unreliable. When it works, daslight runs great!
CPU I7 2630qm, 2 GHz, 6MB, nvidia G-Force enough GB, windows 10, daslight version from may 03 2017

Daslight needs: 2GHz, 4MB, 1GB GRAPHIC....

I've buyed a New laptop: CPU I3 7020U 2.3 GHz, 8MB, onbord graphic Intel HD 4GB. Windows 10, daslight version from December 22 2017.

Now the Problem: the input ist time lag, the mouse hooked, when I push a button, it lasts a half till 2 second till the command runs.
The task manager runs all night and there where no problem on the performance. CPU, RAM and graphic run constant by ca. 65%. Sometimes there was a peak but not on 100%.
I tested it on USB2 and USB3. I use a UBS3 hub with extern power.
The output on the interface is OK without hooks and stops...

On my old laptop it works without trouble... When the laptop decided to start;)

So I learn: GHz, MB and Cache is not all!
Or is it the daslight version? Is there a bug? I don't think so...

But which I-core CPU needs daslight to run stabile on output and input like on the I7 core? Which new I-core (I3 or I5) runs nearly like my old I7 2.Gen?

Thanks for answers and sorry, my English is very bad!

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