Music goes crazy

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Music goes crazy

Postby cobalt2 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:06 pm


I use the mp3 reader ability of scenes a lot. It allows me to trigger music and lights at the push of a button.
Since the update, things go crazy in this area.

From time to time, at random, the mp3 starting is not the one programed... it plays something else... It caused me to be yelled at by the artists at three distinct occasions... not a very good feeling. But I understand them, I F**ked up there performance.

Sometimes, at random as well, the last mp3 played get stuck. Whatever scene you start, it plays the same mp3.
Really, really not relliable.

Sometimes, the mp3 stops playing. Happened to me yesterday. Not cool.

I will stop using Daslight for music as long as this is not delt with. I relally dont like to look like an ass in front of clients.

I really need reliablity. I had it so far with this app I like a lot. What happened ?

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