LED Bar mounted on opposing walls

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LED Bar mounted on opposing walls

Postby Jimmmy » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:57 am

Hi all :)

I am very new to all this but I am learning quickly and really enjoying it!

Beside other Fixtures I have two Stairville 240/8 LED Bars. Accessed with 24 channels I can create a nice rainbow effect. Unfortunately since they are mounted on opposing walls they will not create the effect in the same direction creating a tunnel effect when standing inbetween them. They always start in Segment 1, which is facing north for LED Bar 1 but South vor LED Bar 2. How can I configure the second light bar to start in Segment 8 inestead?

I am also thinking of just turning one of them upside down, but I was wondering if there is no software solution.


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