Daslight Beta Release 24th May 2018

The new Daslight - for PC and Mac

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Daslight Beta Release 24th May 2018

Postby Benno » Thu May 24, 2018 2:40 pm

We have a new Daslight Beta available. See below for bug corrections:

You can download it from our website (links below - Daslight Beta 24 May 2018 : MAC & PC).

• Bug with freeze when triggering a button with a fade out containing an RGB with 3 channels at 255
• Music fade out bug
• Jump to editor during a fade out bug
• Generate effect button not being updated after loading effect file (XEP)
• Improved 'jump to' check boxes
• If MIDI out message type was set to 'Note on/off', it was recalled as 'note on' when the pairing window was re-opened
• ArtNet now shows correct network port value
• Correct message shown when Stand Alone memory is full
• Mapped DMX fader graphical bug
• Show Mode synchronised between two computers on the network even when network button was off
• Crash when moving pan/tilt on fanned Moving Heads
• Debug message when changing output universe port
• Keyboard / Midi / Show Mode add Step shortcut duplicate bug
• Audio files in .wav format not playing correctly
• Bug with DMX levels dropping to '0' when using the general next button on the live screen
• Show Mode Colour Wheel / Fader bug
• Problem with channels fading when fade checkbox is unchecked
• Graphical bug when mapped DMX removed.
• If a scene had a 'jump to' property and is not in the first group, it would always jump to scene 1 in Stand Alone
• DMX recorder Bug
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