Bug in show mode (on tablet)

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Bug in show mode (on tablet)

Postby Ondeth » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:55 am

Hey ;-)
I think I found another bug - this time in the show mode controlled via tablet.

Let's say I have a LED Bar with 4 channels (RGB + Dimmer).
After that, I create 5 buttons (red 100%, green 100%, blue 100%, Dimmer 50%, Dimmer 100%), 1 color wheel and a fader for the dimmer.

So far, so good.

When pressing on the button "red 100%", the color wheel stays at white/black (should be red too I guess). After deactivating the button "red 100%", the color wheels becomes red (which is totally wrong, should be white/black).

The same thing happens with faders. After pressing "Dimmer 100%", the fader stays at 0% (should be 100%), after deactivating the button "Dimmer 100%", the fader changes to 100% (should be 0%). That bug is really annoying when you need to control things via tablet :lol:


Another thing : Currently the button color is 'grey' when buttons on the tablet are disabled and change to your color when they're enabled...would it be possible to invert that?
On the computer, the show mode is great and neat - red buttons for LED Bar 1, green buttons for LED Bar 2 , blue buttons for LED Bar 3 for example - but on the tablet, everything is grey and with a lot of buttons (for example 40+) with similar text, you'll have no idea which button is for which LED Bar after one hour.

Thanks a lot :-)

[Version on computer : 22/12/17 - Version on tablet : 2.7.0]

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Re: Bug in show mode (on tablet)

Postby Benno » Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:09 pm

Tested and can reproduce. I have passed on the information to the developers so they can look into fixing this for a the next Beta. Thanks pointing this out. I have also note down the suggestion regarding the button colours. Kind regards
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