Tactil screen issue

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Tactil screen issue

Postby cobalt2 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:28 pm


I have a problem with Daslight 4 when I use it with a tactil screen.

Whenever the tactil function of my screen is on (usb of the screen connected to the computer) Daslight slows down drasticly. Every operation by click takes several seconds to respond. I looked it up, it appears to cause full CPU.

The oddest thing is that nothing else is slowed down but daslight.
Windows works perfectly and every other app works just fine.

When trying to use the mouse while the tactil screen is connected, the same thing happen. Everything take from one to five seconds to respond.

All it takes is to deconnect the USB cable from the screen, restart Daslight and everything is back to normal.

I then thought it was a problem with my screen in particular, a HANNS.G HT Series HT161HNB .
So I borrowed one from a friend, a 22'' DELL.

But it does something quite similar, eventhough the whole thing is a tiny bit faster.

The most obvious is when trying to swich from ''patch'' to ''Edit'' or to ''Live'' (left hand buttons) ... or clicking on the fullscreen mode in the ''show'' page. It takes up to 7 seconds for the page to change. Meanwhile, the whole app freeezes.

Does anyone have the same thing happening ?

Thanks a lot


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